The Jesters Club

For all communications and enquiries, contact

President: Robert Dolman
Chairman: Stephen Finch
Secretary: Paul Lubbock
Treasurer: Eamonn Price

Games and Members Representatives

F J Adam  P J Cattrall  A J Dolman  T J Edwards

A C Gourlay  B Hale  R A Lawrence

R S R Pattison  H J de C Prideaux  G D Quarry

P Robbins W Skjott

Overseas, University, Services & Regional Representatives


R J R Winter


Captain M P Sauvage RN & A Henman


N L Brown & Dr. J M Shneerson

Royal Navy

T Rackham


Major R J Green


B St.L Burnett

Midlands – J R Coyne

North of England – S B Phillips

South of England – A C J Campbell

Bristol – C K Beale

West of England – K A White

Scotland – S C Thomson

Canada – M Jackson

The United States – J W Zug Jr.

South Africa – M Melvill

Australia – J P Buckley

(All officers and representatives are ex officio committee members)