Richard Morgan (1940–2021)

UK Jester Richard Morgan (elected 1960 and former Jesters Committee member) was Warden of Radley between 1991 and 2000. Richard oversaw a wonderful decade at Radley; academic standards soared, the College’s reputation grew and, with sport very dear to his heart, there was a vintage period of cricket with the XI losing just once in a seven year stretch, the 1995 XV went undefeated and the VIII won the Princess Elizabeth Cup at Henley in 1998. The campus development over his time included the wonderful Queen’s Court; he was very proud of being able to welcome Her Majesty to open the new building in 1997. Another lasting legacy was the setting up of the Radley Foundation, which he helped to found and later served as Chairman; it has been of central and lasting importance to the College ever since.

Despite these many achievements, however, his time at Radley – as don, tutor and Warden – was most characterised by his care for and interest in people. He was a great encourager of staff and boys alike, finding what made them tick, setting high expectations, and helping them to achieve remarkable things, always underpinned by the strongest of beliefs in the value of family, friendship and good humour.

Richard Morgan, Captain CURFC 1961, seated to Jock Burnet’s right

Any who heard him speak will know what a wonderful orator he was, seen perhaps to greatest effect in a remarkable memorial service for former Radley Warden Radley Dennis Silk in Southwark Cathedral in November 2019. Richard leaves wife Margaret and three daughters, Pippa, Victoria and Rachel.